Imagine darkness.A night so vast, so overwhelming no human mind can comprehend it.An alien frontier that calls to us with a voice impossible to ignore.

Imagine fear.The kind of terror that can only be born in the total absence of light.That dread that pushes us to fight, to flee.

Now join us in imagining the stories that can only exist where darkness & fearcollide.

About the Show

Devoid of Space is a space sci-fi horror anthology audio drama. Each of it’s episodes is a contained story where the characters involved face horrors both personal and cosmic. Where fear is other people, where it is space itself, where it is isolation, where it is the cosmic nature of the universe. Devoid of Space is about facing fear and not always getting away. It is about people coming together or falling apart. It’s about succumbing to fear and surviving it.It is about being afraid. I hope you will join us in being afraid.Because we can only handle this fear together.

Season 01

Season 02

The Episodes

Season 1

Episode 0101:
The Mystery of Haven Station

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal

Two detectives who are well-known for solving tough cases are called to investigate Haven Station, one of the first stations to be built and lived in by humans on Mars, but was destroyed by a storm. All those who go there now mysteriously disappear. Can the pair solve the mystery of why people are going missing or will they become the next victims?Content Warnings: Death, being hunted/chased by an unseen force, verbal insults and threats, betrayal, gaslightingRead the script here.

The Cast

Lucian Valentine- Vic Collins
Felix Smauk- Kale Brown
Ghost- Lafayette Uttarapong
Ghost- Emily Buza
Ghost- Eryn "Cerise" Dearden

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0102:

Written by James Big

Trying to slip past a patrol that's hunting for them, a smuggling vessel hides itself in the photosphere of a star, counting on their magnetic shielding to protect them from the ravages of the stellar environment. But as heat levels rise, the captain becomes obsessed with the idea of seeing the star "with my own eyes", begins believing the shifting forms of the stellar prominences
are beings that they need to "let in" to their mind. And into the ship.
Content Warnings: Obsession, delusion, death by heatRead the script here.

The Cast

Solvega Kedvecs- Eryn "Cerise" Dearden
Minke Tschai- JD Jackson
Saral Grosse- Theadore Monk
Captain Holmes- James Big

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0103:
The Xerxes Report: Code Name SATURN

Written by James Big

The results of an experimental spaceship drive on the crews who used it.A report from Medical Station Persepolis, an experimental corporate bio-research facility. A man with a strange physiology and even stranger hungers.Content Warnings: Self harm, body horror, disordered eating, implied intent to harm a child

The Cast

Doctor- Corvyn Appleby

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0104:
The Xerxes Report: Burning Blood

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal

The further results of an experimental spaceship drive on the crews who used it.The crew of the Aurora land near a hospital on Mars, all suffering from some kind of mutation that replaced all of their blood into a boiling white fluid. One of the crew members is able to speak and a doctor is desperate to understand and help.Content Warnings: Slow/torturous death, body horror

The Cast

Doctor Fennel- Emma Johanna Puranen
Dazed Man/August- Rowan van Grinsven
Doctor Agreste- Jason Patrick Galit

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0105:
Perfect Integration

Written by Kale Brown

The King's Ransom is no stranger to understaffing and cut corners, and when upper management hires a technician to install a new, more expansive ship's AI, it seems as though the pattern is holding- but a lot can go wrong in seven days.Content Warnings: toxic workplace environments, transhumanist body modification, and deathRead the script here.

The Cast

Gen- Jasper Locke
Hollis- Jesse Hall
Fitz- Interiority
Callum- Vic Collins
Patrice- Amy Young

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0106:
The End of it All

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal

Rowan Astra was just a normal worker at a space truck stop on an asteroid until a mysterious person claiming to be from the future arrives and tells him that he is the only person who can help them save the future. The future in which the universe was destroyed by a black hole. But is what xe claims actually true?Content Warnings: On-screen murder, talk of future castrophy and destruction, unreality, unconsental mind & memory manipulation

The Cast

Rowan Astra- Evan Saft
Yana Tian- Christine Tardif
Ciel- Kasha Mika
Henri Voulle- Tanner

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

The Episodes

Season 2

Episode 0201:
The Revelation of Haven Station

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal
Edited by Erik Seguinte

After Felix returns back to Earth, they are still haunted by memories and potentially the ghost of Lucian. Despite the help and presence of their therapist and Julian, Lucian’s younger brother, Felix can’t stop thinking of what happened. When the station is staged to be destroyed, Felix decides to go back one last time.Content Warnings: Toxic relationship, manipulation, violence, loud sudden noises, freezing to death, murder, grief/loss, hallucination, ghosts, description of corpse

The Cast

Felix Smauk: Kale Brown
Lucian Valentine: Vic Collins
Ghost 1: Lafayette Uttarapong
Ghost 2: Wyatt West
Ghost 3: Jesse Hall
Julian Valentine: Lou Sutcliffe
Dr. Zarah: Lauren Tucker

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0202:
Denial of Service

Written & Edited by Amy Young

After a terrible accident almost claims her life, Cassandra adapts to life with her new cybernetics. But it is soon made apparent that there is a sinister problem lurking within her. One that others cannot see, and one she may not be able to stop.Content Warnings: Adult Language, Amputation, Body Horror, Depression, Hospitalizations, Loss of Bodily Autonomy, Memory Loss, Self-Harm, and Vehicular Accidents

The Cast

Cassandra Reid: Emma Laslett
Olivia Reid: Ashlee Jones
Dr. Arbor Westenberg: Jordan W Anderson
Newscaster: Mel Nichols

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0203:
Material Culture

Written & Edited by Kale Brown

When a colleague with a dubious reputation reaches out with an invitation, archeologist Dr. Kim Miranda has every reason to doubt their mysterious claims. However, things take a turn for the strange when they arrive at the remote planetoid, only to discover their colleague is nowhere to be found.Content Warnings: Insects

The Cast

Aureus: Madi Opincaru
Dr. F. Muggins-Hawke: Daisy McNamara
Dr. Kim Miranda: Rissa Montanez

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0204:

Written by James Big
Edited by Jesse Hall

When an accident in a gas mining operation in Neptune’s atmosphere strands a technician on their sinking mining rig, their co-worker (and lover) takes drastic steps to try to save them. But as they descend, the effects of the pressure threaten to overwhelm them with disorientation and hallucinations, and their rescue attempt may end up costing both their lives.Content Warnings: delusions, hallucinations, altered consciousness, death by crushing, brief mention of death by pressure differential.

The Cast

Tasi: Kirsty Woolven
Whitney: CJ Tanuan
Yannick: Carlo Deniega
Ina: Vic Collins

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0205:

Written by Interiority
Edited by Nikko Goldstein (& Corvyn Appleby)

Suffering from physical and memory impairments, Dora spends her time in relative comfort, cared for by the kindly Neith. But as the day progresses like any other, Dora’s reality is interrupted by a series of vivid and unsettling audio and visual hallucinations, and a voice calling her by name. Is this just another symptom of her deteriorating health? Or is it a sign that all is not what it seems? Turning her back on those she has come to rely on, Dora will uncover the true nature of her existence and face an impossible choice.Content Warnings: Adult Language, Degenerative Conditions, Discussions of Suicide and Euthanasia, Gaslighting, Coercive and Abusive Behaviour

The Cast

Dora: Kale Brown
Neith: Lindsay Zana

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0206:
Wish You Were Here

Written by Ella Gale
Directed & Edited by Kale Brown

Brynn takes a gig with a vacation surrogacy company: she will go on a vacation at an orbital spa, after which her memories will be extracted and implanted in a buyer's mind. However, the spa turns out to be a frightening place.Content Warnings: haunting, psychedelic drugging, violence

The Cast

Batilda: Katrina Pecina
Brynn: Ashlee Jones
Margot: Mel Nichols
Ollie: Jeremy Tucker

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Episode 0207:
Savior Complex

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal

Rowan has been imprisoned for the murder of Henri Voulle, but Ciel is not done with him. Xe has returned to request Rowan’s help with a murder one more time, but this time in exchange for his own life.Content Warnings: Toxic relationship, manipulation/gaslighting, implied sexual content, gunfire, loud sudden voices, abuse of prisoners, murder, references to terrorism

The Cast

Rowan: Evan Saft
Ciel: Kasha Mika
Alice Jonah: Rebecca Krause
Kyle Hart: James Big
Myra: Denver Stewart
Gil: Rowan van Grinsven

The Devoid of Space logo, a black circle outlined in orange on a starry background, with the words Devoid of Space written across it in orange

Cast & Crew

(Alphabetical by first name)

Amy Young

Denial of Service
Patrice, Perfect Integration
Ph03-8u5, Denial of Service

Amy is best known for learning a Transatlantic accent in 2 months, having a pretty good documentary voice, and asking way too many questions literally all the time. She is a US based voice actor, writer, sound designer, and occasional composer for several podcasts. In addition to her writing/editing/acting duties on Devoid of Space, Amy has worked on Blake Skye: Private Eye as an actor/writer/editor, in various spots in SINKHOLE in voice and composition, and she has worked on other Law of Names properties such as Translating Arcadia, para/Normal, and Breathing Space.When not working on podcasts, she can be found writing for fun, making music and listening to her vinyl collection, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can find Amy on Twitter at @achill3a.

Ash Alder Ketcham Seguinte

Production Assistant, Website Manager

Lee is fairly sure he isn’t a changeling, but wouldn’t tell you if he were. He has spent the majority of his creative life trying to recreate The NeverEnding Story and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie (1990).In addition to Arcadia, California, he is the writer/director of Breathing Space, an anthology space western audio drama, and Translating Arcadia, a collection of short audio fabulist fiction, and general cat herder for Devoid of Space a scifi horror anthology audio drama. He wrote and directed A Most Vital Art a spinoff story in the Blake Skye: Private Eye universe.
He is also the founder/coordinator of Law of Names Media.
He lives in Sacramento, California in a Freehold with his husband, another debatably Arcadian, five cats with lofty names, a dog called Ivysaur, and cages full of creepy dolls. He is generally way too active on his Twitter and the one for Law of Names.

Ashlee Jones

Bryn, Wish You Were Here
Olivia Reid, Denial of Service

When Ashlee isn’t attempting to save the world full-time in the public sector, she’s collaborating with other creatives on crafting super fun audio dramas and playing RPGs. You also may know her as Jesse Hall’s (@wastedarkcell) “darling wife.” Some of her previous projects include Tales of THATTOWN, Radiation World, Aftershocks, SCP Archives, Mayfair Watchers Society, SINKHOLE, and the upcoming Curse of the Weeping Damsel audio drama in a new Lockbox Anthology from THATTOWN Entertainment. Ashlee is a long-time resident of Alabama (bless her heart), and as a chaotic bi, is a community activist for LGBTQ+ rights and sharing best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices for small business and nonprofits with an amazing local committee. Check her out on Twitter (she’s never gonna call it X) and Twitch at @thattowncrzyldy.

Carlo Deniega

Yannick, Overpressure

Carlo is a Filipino-American voice actor from beautiful Washington State. From a young age, he’s always loved playing pretend. He still hasn’t let that go, which very obviously informed his interest in acting. He’s grateful to help tell one of the many stories in Devoid of Space. In addition to his work here, he’s also lent his pipes to Cash in Breathing Space (Law of Names Media) and Alex in Solarity (Victoria Cherichetti). Upcoming productions of his include an appearance in Seminar (Pendant Productions), and the animated fan project Bionicle: Iliad.Find him on Twitter here.

Cassidy Caruso-Neal

Logo Designer

Cassidy is a funny little gremlin that lives in the computer. She hosts and edits several podcasts and has guested on many more. One day, they hope to have a quilt made out of all the podcast album art they've made. You can find her on her website or on Twitter.

Charlie Caruso-Neal

The Mystery of Haven Station, The Xerxes Report: Burning Blood, The End of It All, The Revelation of Haven Station, Savior Complex

Charlie Caruso-Neal is a writer at heart and hopefully one day an author. When ce isn't writing fanfics and short stories, he is usually found consuming all sort of media. Charlie is the creator of Devoid of Space and one of the reoccurring writers. Ce is trying to be a voice actor as well, having small parts in Breathing Space, a western space audio drama with interlocking anthologies, which ce has also written for in season 2, The Station at the End of the Universe and the Shuttle of Knowledge in that season's finale. Charlie also voices a character in Devoid of Space and hopefully, will one day voice more characters. He currently lives in Florida with his fiancée. Ce always loves to talk horror ideas, so if you have any you can find cer on twitter or on his tumblr.

Christine Tardif

Yana Tian, The End of it All

Christine (she/her) is a singer, actress, and devoted cat mom. Her voice work can be found on the actual play podcast Green Mountain Mysteries #GMMCast. Favorite past roles include Ursula, Dolly Levi, Mama Noah, Fastrada, and the Novice in Opening Night Mutiny.

CJ Tanuan

Whitney, Overpressure

A digital cave lurker, CJ is a graphic designer and illustrator by trade that's stumbled into the world of voicing in podcasts. When they're not manically drawing late into the night, they're often listening to a good podcast, roleplaying with friends and raging at video games they're not very good at. They can be found in the murky waters of tumblr and instagram @jaradraws or contacted professionally through or

Daisy McNamara

Dr. F. Muggins-Hawke, Material Culture

Daisy McNamara (she/her, he/him)Daisy McNamara stumbled into podcasting and had to commit. She studied marine biology and theatrical costume, and spends most of her time wandering the beach or knitting. You can hear his work on Eelers Choice, Mayfair Watcher’s Society, Meddling with Monsters, and SCP Archives, among others.

Denver Stewart

Myra, Overpressure

Amateur voice actress, can usually be found loitering around and pitching in. Avid fan of anime, games, and history!

Devin Nelson


Devin (he/they) is an autistic nonbinary musician, composer, science teacher, actor, TTRPG designer and enthusiast, and general weirdo from San Francisco California. They write for and play in a band called gloomy june and are a for-hire composer (check out the recent themes for 2's Company and Tales From Mauxferry podcasts). He also produced, starred in, and composed music for the Flight of Magic podcast. They recently quit their job as a high school teacher to follow their creative dreams! They can also be found on Twitter

Emily Buza

Ghost, The Mystery of Haven Station

Emily Buza is an actress, writer, and podcaster. In the world of voice acting, you can hear her guarding the fairy kingdom as Nyx on The LaFresian Chronicles, fighting supervillains as Highwire on Protean City Comics, flying through space as Maple Bannon on Dark Valley, and running an intergalactic circus as Alois Ilmater on Breathing Space, Fading Frontier. You can also hear her as the co-host of [Whelmed: The Young Justice Files]( discussing and analyzing the DC Comics animated series Young Justice wherever you listen to podcasts. You can discover more of Emily's work—including podcast guest appearances, articles, and more of her acting—by checking out her website or following her on Twitter.

Emma Johanna Puranen

Dr. Fennel The Xerxes Report: Burning Blood

Emma Johanna Puranen is an astronomer, writer, and LARPer from Virginia. She currently lives in Scotland studying for her PhD in exoplanets and science fiction. In the audio drama world, Emma is the creator of ROGUEMAKER. She likes cinnamon lattes and long runs on the beach (no, really).

Emma Laslett

Cassandra Reid, Denial of Service

Emma (she/they) is your favourite British transfem streamer, voice actor, quizzer, disability activist, and TTRPG nerd (trust me I checked), and you might know her from that podcast you liked, or that UK quiz show you watched. You can hear her in Starfall, Chaika, Y2K and Electromancy (among others), see her get too deep into literary criticism of video games on her regular streams, or watch her role play in the middle of the night on TheHypeGoblin. They will one day have their brilliance recognised and be asked to host something on TV and/or quiz professionally, but for now, she lives in hope. (And the south of England.)If after reading all that, you still want to see more of Emma, you can catch her on Twitter, Mastodon, or Bluesky, with varying levels of actual activity.

Erik Seguinte

The Mystery of Haven Station
The Xerxes Reports
The End of it All

A full-time software developer by day, still a software developer by night because why should that change when the sun sets?! Pocket audio engineer for Law of Names Media. Credits include Otherwhere (Player/Producer), Breathing Space (Editor) , Arcadia, CA (Editor), Devoid of Space (Editor) , Shadows of St Fleur (player). He can be found on Twitter, often complaining about the tyranny of sleep.

Eryn “Cerise” Dearden

Ghost, The Mystery of Haven Station
Solvega Kedvecs, Prominence

Eryn is a podcaster and video producer who has been jumping from hyper-niche to hyper-niche for most of her life, and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Most of her work can be found on YouTube under her creator name, ErynCerise. Her most notable video work is the media history series Mahou Profile: A History of Magical Girls. Currently, she is the GM and producer of SuperIdols! RPG, a narrative play Masks podcast about superpowered teenagers trying to break into the music industry. She previously presented panels and events at fan conventions such as Animethon and Otafest for almost a decade, and has appeared as a guest on various other anime-related podcasts, including ANNCast, Sparkleside Chats, LoadingReadyRun's AnoAni, and Zannen, Canada.Eryn can be found on Twitter at eryncerise. Right now, she is mostly trying to focus on staying warm. It gets cold in Edmonton. Very, very cold.

Evan Saft

Rowan Astra, The End of it All

Evan Saft is an an actor always rabid for more roles to play. They can be heard lending their voice to the audiodrama Null/Void and the AP series Poplar Kids. They can also be heard on their own actual play podcast Roll Out!, where they take the role of Your Friendly Neighborhood GM to tell stories of gay teen superheroes. When they're not busy playing characters, they also write games to play characters in and make people cry. They can be found on Twitter.


Fitz, Perfect Integration
Seth, Legacy

Interiority is also called Mike and now that you know his true name you can summon and bind him with magics oh no this was a mistake please delete this sentence thanks. Passionate about storytelling and making his friends cry, Mike is a GM, writer, game designer and streamer, but procrastination is where he truly shines. A tangled ball of impostor syndrome wrapped up in a hoodie, he lives in London but doesn’t really want to. Follow him on Twitter to see if he finally snaps and makes a break for a new life, complete with a fabulous wig and sassy alter-ego.

James Big

Case Name: SATURN, Prominence, Overpressure
Captain Homes, Prominence
Kyle Hart, Savior Complex

James is a professional button-pusher, amateur illustrator, indie TTRPG enthusiast and award-winning cosplayer hailing from somewhere in the vicinity of Portland, OR. He's written for and appeared on Devoid of Space and Breathing Space, and is almost certainly, at this very moment, overthinking something. You can find him on Twitter, Bluesky, possibly other places if you look hard enough.

Jason Patrick Galit (JPG)

Dr. Agreste, The Xerxes Report: Burning Blood

Jason Patrick Galit (JPG) is Filipino-American content creator, TTRPG performer, podcaster, and "geek educator" based in Southern California. A frequent public speaker for conventions and outlets like San Diego Comic-Con & WonderCon Anaheim, his work reflects how critique, social issues, and cultural experiences can help inform upon the pop culture space. Most of his work can be found on Perception Studio, Nerds on a Roll, and Moon Harbor Heroes, and you can find his social media @SpeakerJPG.

Jasper Locke

Gen, Perfect Integration

Jasper Locke: Jasper Locke is a debatably human being, kidnapped recently into the world of audio drama in between writing and illustrating stories that refuse to vacate his head. Most of his work focuses upon fantasy and horror; from murderous childhood homes and reality-shattering revelations, to what happens when necromancers are put in charge of building boats. He is confined to the UK, but he has two vicious(ly adorable) Pomeranian mixes to keep him company.

JD Jackson

Minke Tschai, Prominence

J.D. lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife and his dog. He is one of the co-founders of the Marvel TV and MCU podcast Level 7 Access, and has appeared on a variety of Marvel-related podcasts since he and his best friend started the show on their living room couch eight years ago. Outside of hosting a podcast, he enjoys tabletop RPGs, video games, board game nights, performing on stage both in improv and stand-up comedy, and is passionate about improving as a voice actor. J.D. is queer and passionate about queer representation in fiction. Most recently, you can find him outside of his own podcast performing the role of April Blanchard on Moon Harbor Extended's Dishonorables limited series. He can also be found on Twitter.

Jeremy Tucker

Ollie, Wish You Were Here

Jeremy is a father, husband, nerd, voice actor, and a bunch of other less important things. When he's not driving technology for a pet insurance company, he's using his pipes to tell stories penned by people more creative than himself. All his life, he's struggled to find a method to unleash the creative locked inside this analytical brain, until he found voice acting. His deep resonate voice can be both soothing and jarring, calm and intense. His emotion range helps him jump from role to role, eliciting emotion with every phrase turned. When not at a keyboard or a mic, you'll find him spending time with his wife, 2 sons and their beloved dog, Egon. He can be found on Instagram.

Jesse Hall

Hollis, Perfect Integration

Jesse Hall, a man that can speak into microphones and do voices, lends his voice for several roles in the SINKHOLE series. When not recording for this show, Jesse usually is playing with a cat or yelling about video games. Y’know, like a well adjusted adult does. (I am going to have to talk to Jesse about the weird specificity of this one and have it adjusted)

Jordan W. Anderson

Dr. Arbor Westenberg, Denial of Service

Jordan W. Anderson is a writer, voice actor, bunny herder and father. Never a specialist, but often a perfectionist, he spends his time jumping between hobbies, dreaming up one too many ideas and showing the world just how cute his floppy-eared children are. Jordan’s voice work can be heard on podcasts such as Omega Star 7 and A Walk with Ghosts, along with Law of Names’s para/Normal, where he also serves as a writer. Find him on Instagram.

Kale Brown

Perfect Integration
Felix Smauk, The Mystery of Haven Station

Somebody once told Kale (they/them) their voice was “round and smooth like a river rock,” and they haven’t stopped thinking about it since.You can hear their earliest work in cosmic noir podcast Blake Skye: Private Eye (also found here), and its canonical side-stories Quinn’s Mechanism and Transatlantic Troubles. More recently, you can hear them in Good Pointe podcast Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, as well as Law of Names podcasts Arcadia, CA., Devoid of Space, and Breathing Space, Fading Frontier.In addition to voice acting, Kale is both a script writer and a sound designer, both of which you can hear in Kale’s own podcast SINKHOLE, a short form near-future science-fiction fiction podcast exploring the impact of changing technologies on communication and relationships, as well as the important and relatable experience of living in a city best known for that one time a huge chunk of it fell into a glowing hole in the ground no one can seem to fill in.You can find them on Twitter as @SuperHumanFoods.

Kasha Mika

Ciel, The End of It All, Savior Complex

Kasha Mika (they/them) is a gay androgyne who also goes by Jack (yes, after the Mass Effect character). They do illustration, pottery, fine art framing, and occasional game writing in Lawrence, Kansas, where they live with their wife and a whole mess of plants. Their writing and acting can also be found in Breathing Space and Unspeakable Distance. They can be found on Twitter talking about ttrpgs and Star Wars books or posting art; for links to their games and playbooks, ceramics, and everything else, check out their website.

Katrina Pecina

Bathilda, Wish You Were Here

Katrina is an actress in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. She has a particular knack especially for being able to play cantankerous old ladies, as well as the occasional bombastic villain. She made her podcast debut with Feminist Fairytales, and her voice acting can be heard in some of Bloody FM's podcast series, from episodes of The Mayfair Watchers Society (in episodes "Fracking", "The Apparition of Maria", and "Society Proceedings) to various roles in The SCP Archives. She also participated with the folks at Flying V Theatre for their Vox Elysium miniseries. When not recording, she also enjoys drawing and cooking, and learning interpretive dance from trees. She also has a website for news, roles and other bits here.

Kirsty Woolven

Tasi, Overpressure

Hailing from Dorset, Kirsty is a voice actor living in the Midlands, UK (and sorta has an accent to match now too)! As well as featuring in Devoid of Space, you can hear her in: Apollyon, The Secret of St Kilda, Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, How I Died, The Pasithea Powder, and Cyclone (plus more - check out their website.)Living with their other half and Mouse (the cat), Kirsty still has the special talent for walking into nearly everything & you can find them on Twitter.

Lafayette Uttarapong

Ghost, The Mystery of Haven Station

Lafayette Uttarapong is a non-binary Thai-American ex-film student ex-English major college dropout who became a fledgling voice actor and continues to chase their mission in life by becoming a complete vocal and gender anomaly. They are passionate about telling stories: doing so through writing, scripting, acting, and photography. They're a friend waiting to hit you like a freight train literally and figuratively. They are relatively new to the scene but can be found on: Breathing Space as a Balloon and a chef, on Breanna's Haven as a sentient slab of clay, in the background of Star Wars Audio Comics, and as a player and editor on Our Sparks Ignited, an AP podcast based in the Magic the Gathering universe. If you'd like to find and or contact them they can be found on Bluesky or contacted via email @

Lauren Tucker

Dr. Zarah, The Revelation of Haven Station

Lauren is a writer, voice actor, radio host, and wearer of many hats who is thrilled to be returning for their second Law of Names production. Recently, you can catch them as Eden in "When Tower Angels Fall", Isolde and Mercy Finnigan in "Welcome to Reddington", and Hecate in "Echobox", and in shows like "Someone Dies in this Elevator" and "para/Normal". When not in the booth, you can usually find them making excessive playlists or prepping for their next tabletop adventure. If you like what you heard, check out for their socials as well as all of their past, present and upcoming work!

Lindsay Zana

Neith, Legacy

Lindsay Zana is an LA-based actor and singer with a passion for Shakespeare, audio dramas and musical theatre. She can be heard in audio drama podcasts such as Arden, Primordial Deep, Vacant Arcadia, Crit Squad and more! You can catch her in a variety of roles for other LoN productions like Breathing Space and para/Normal. When she’s not emoting behind a microphone, she can be found singing with Top Shelf Vocal, binging new podcasts, or relaxing with her husband and their pup Bell. You can learn more at

Lou Sutcliffe

Julian Valentine, The Revelation of Haven Station

Lou Sutcliffe (ey/em) is an autistic nonbinary sorceror from the North West of England, perpetrator of such audiodramas as the Pantaloon Society and the upcoming Eeler's Choice. By day ey are a data scientist, undisputed monarch of a petty kingdom of spreadsheets. Ey live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and refuse to leave unless enticed away with the promise of LARP.

Madi Opincaru

Aureus, Material Culture

Madi is a part-time VA who loves stories, pastries and cats. When she's not searching for the perfect croissant she enjoys binge watching shows, reading, D&D and other story based games and playing with her cats. And recording! She lent her voice to a number of supporting characters in YouTube videos, games and podcasts and is always looking out for new stories she can help bring to life. You might recognise her as the charming Miss Peachy-Buttons the Undertaker in para/Normal's Cost of Living, but if not, here's where you can see some of the things she's been involved in:

Mel Nichols

Margot, Wish You Were Here
Newscaster, Denial of Service

Mel (she/her) is a stage-turned-voice actor and writer who might be a figment of her own imagination. Her other work with Law of Names can be heard in Breathing Space, para/Normal, and Translating Arcadia. She has also done voice work for Knöves Storytelling Collective and speak to it productions and was part of the ensemble of the devised work Body. (dir. Madeleine Regina), which premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival in 2019. Outside of the audio drama-verse, Mel is a musician, bookworm, and yoga instructor certified through Accessible Yoga School. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her cats, Johnny One Note and Mr. Business, and can be found on Twitter and Bluesky.

Rebecca Krause

Alice, Savior Complex

Rebecca Krause (she/her) is a voice actress and singer based in the US with a passion for telling meaningful stories under any circumstances. Rebecca's other hobbies include long-distance running, writing, and consuming art in all its forms. Her major roles have been as Van Helsing on Murray Mysteries, performing Containment for Translating Arcadia, and appearing in several sci-fi anthology Breathing Space episodes, including as Cameron in Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. She can also be heard (but not seen) in Blake Skye PI: A Most Vital Art, Boston Harbor Horror, and Puppeteer's Farm. Twitter handle: @bos10blonde

Rissa Montañez

Dr. Kim Miranda, Material Culture

Rissa is a voiceover artist based in Chicago, Illinois, and she won't ever deny her love for the sci-fi television series, Farscape. And coffee. And horror! Especially if it's in space. She loves cafécito, too! But not as much as she loves voice acting, which she enjoys most when breathing life into characters that have a wide range of adventures and depth of emotion. By day, she is a slayer of administrative and clerical, and by night, she goes into her recording booth a puts on the voice acting shoes whenever possible. Rissa can be heard in other podcasts, such as SCP Archives, Margaret’s Garden, Moonbase Theta: Out, The Hotel, The Silt Verses, and others, like Two Flat Earthers Kidnap A Freemason. Sometimes, she reads spooky stories to her ever-purring and sweet booth cat, Beans, but mostly she narrates for podcasts like Creepy, and Chilling Tales For Dark Nights.

Rowan van Grinsven

Dazed Man/August, The Xerxes Report: Burning Blood

Rowan is a reader, knitter, and general skeleton fan from The Netherlands. A beginning voice actor, xe has more or less fallen right into it after a 3 episode stint as Quinn's Mechanism, a side story for Blake Skye: Private Eye, and a one episode appearance in SINKHOLE. When not talking into a microphone, they can be found searching around record stores, attempting to operate a spinning wheel, and playing and running a variety of RPGs, preferably ones that involve as little math as possible. Xyr house is a nest padded with blankets, yarn, and books, and any reports of lycanthropy are unconfirmed but deemed highly plausible. For more incoherent ramblings, please check out their Twitter.

Tanner Vogelgesang

Henri Voulle, The End of It All

Tanner is here, and you can't stop them. They've always pursued creative endeavours, bouncing between various projects of their own and always happy to assist others in theirs. They got into podcasting a few years ago with their media-reinterpretation show "Not if I Reboot You First", and can also be heard as the GM on the actual-play podcast "Pokemon: Adventures in the Millennium", or one of the hosts slowly becoming unhinged on the Glee recap podcast "Loser Like Me". Devoid of Space is their first role in a scripted audio drama. They live in Saskatchewan, the flattest Canadian province, and own too many books.

Theodore Monk

Saral Grosse, Prominence

Theodore Monk is a man who makes no apologies, and for that, he is sorry. His goal since the age of 20 has been to write the biggest, gayest, fightiest fantasy novels you’ve ever seen, but along the way he has managed to stumble headlong into the podcasting and TTRPG scenes; he’s yet to figure out how one led to the other, but in fairness, he has also stopped trying. When not working on King & Kira, his attempt to fuck a tournament arc into the fantasy genre, he can be found recording for Forgotten Eras, an actual-play podcast set in the world of Kingdom Hearts, using the Interstitial system. Saral Grosse in “Prominence” is his first dramatic role, and rest assured, he is unflinchingly jazzed for it. His website can be found here.

Vic Collins

Lucien Valentine, The Mystery of Haven Station

Vic was born halfway up a mountain and his hobbies all include pretending to be someone else. He lives in London with his wife, son and a collection of board games. In addition to Breathing Space, Fading Frontier, he provides the voice of Cyrus DiCaprio and Others in the audio drama "Arcadia, California" and reads the story "Maker" in the audio fiction anthology "Translating Arcadia". He also regularly streams digital board games as the vtuber Loxley for BoardGameGoat. He can be found here on Twitter.